HAWK Omnichannel CX
Content is a critical part of the marketing and sales process. HAWK offers a versatile solution that helps you with the operational organization and execution of marketing materials: create, manage, distribute. Also POS, social, push and email in combination with loyalty. HAWK can be fully integrated into your existing business operations. The integration level can meet any company specific requirement. HAWK can be integrated with any desired or existing solution; ERP (SAP), DAM, product information (EAN + extension), Salesforce, commercial planning, PIM, MIS, GMS and more.

The HAWK platform provides 24-7 access to the latest version of your source and production files, made available in one central storage (version control). HAWK plans the workflow with due dates per activity and assigns rights to users involved in specific levels of the production process.

HAWK results in shorter lead times through a mandatory flow of work that is less vulnerable to errors. This ensures a high overall quality of the output and the customer experience: Seamless Consistent Customer Experience.


HAWK highlights:

  1. everywhere -protected- access to centrally stored product information, digital assets and content;
  2. full integration into existing business systems;
  3. full control over graphic productions;
  4. version control;
  5. workflow management per job; 
  6. full control over and synchronization of (omnichannel) content / compliance with legal regulations.


HAWK prevents:

  1. different versions of the same (product) images at different storage locations (silos);

  2. management problems with large amounts of digital assets in different file formats;
  3. numerous local backups;
  4. incorrect use of assets and content in relation to regulations;
  5. complexity of assets, their validity and user rights;
  6. inconsistent ‘customer-experience’.

HAWK Logistics

HAWK can be widely integrated to support all stakeholders both within and outside your organization. HAWK Logistics, for example, is built on the core elements of HAWK and fully focuses on the process of the logistics company. Learn more and read about our latest successful case with HAWK Logistics.

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