Tible develops, implements and supports IT assignments of clients on a project basis. From a simple website to mission-critical applications, completely newly developed or integrated into existing business solutions. If we work for you on a project basis, we determine together in which capacity. We can be your troubleshooter, but also your full service partner.

Tible is a team of well-attuned specialists. Our technological knowledge is not limited to the following items, but it shows an impression of our skills: Windows Software development, Cross Platform Java-based Software development, Webdevelopment on Linux and Windows, Database Management Systems (DBMS) and Mobile development for iOS and Android.


Tible development ranges from scratch development of applications to development of applications based on a roadmap and development for reasons maintenance of existing applications. Because Tible has knowledge of a broad variety of technologies, we can always offer the best solution for you.

Tible offers no-nonsense internet productions: fast, value-for-money and at the highest possible performance levels. As your production partner we join hands with your team to develop your digital proposition. Tible collaborates in an open and clear structure using the JIRA issue management system to manage any project, which ensures total control of project progress for all stakeholders.

Usability & Design

Usability, user experience and user satisfaction are key when it comes to design. Especially now, when your content can be viewed on multiple devices as a site or an app.

Tible therefore works with both Adaptive and Responsive Web Design. One-time development for all devices, specific or fluid. During the development process we make sure that you show up perfectly on PC’s, tablets and smartphones.

Your brand or product has the same, uniform appearance on all devices. At the same time, the functionality and capabilities of each device are optimally utilized. In smartphones, the focus is on practical information you can use on the go and for tablets, which people use lying on the couch, you can offer more ‘experience’ and detailed information.

Of course, you can also contact us if you want to develop exclusively for mobile (app development) or desktop.


Tible has its own hosting platform that is best suited for the DTAP development method. Our hosting facilities are in Europe and the USA.

The data center in Nuremberg is one of the most modern and eco-friendly in the world. The center meets the highest safety standards in accordance with the requirements of leading European banks. All services are continuously monitored and numerous security systems prevent unauthorized access to the servers.

All our servers are located in a secure environment that is protected against dust, humidity, fire and firewater. Special door systems, video surveillance and private security service are running 24/7. The servers are directly connected to a 400 Gbit high-speed backbone with direct connections to all major providers and the largest European exchange points.

Tible offers the possibility to run your web services on either Linux (CentOS) or Windows operating system. All operating systems become available with a free full version of the Plesk Control Panel. By using the web interface you can easily manage your webspace, email addresses and web server. The free version of Plesk is limited to 10 domains. At an additional fee, larger numbers of domains are available.




For a second opinion on the field of security Tible is your preferred contact. You may also come to us for advice on a broad range of areas like ICT and design to communication, marketing and organizational and business aspects. This all is closely connected to the backgrounds of the people of Tible.

Tible focusses on the success of their clients. Our consulting processes are therefore very efficient and bring you tangible results quickly, with the aim to be well-prepared.


Security & Testing

''Meticulous testing and reviewing of all security aspects is the only way to determine the effectiveness of security measures.'' Nowadays security is even more a must have for platforms and websites. This may sound stupefying logical, but check the media and you know reality is different.

Your platform, website and/or (mobile) application is often part of an IT network. Therefore, it is important that the focus not only lies on securing the application itself, but equally on all relevant components with which the application interacts in a network. All relevant components are therefore included in all activities performed by Tible to secure your application.

Meticulous testing and reviewing of all security aspects is the only way to determine the effectiveness of security measures. Based on a technical security audit Tible applies different methodologies: Tible Security Fundamentals.

Black/Grey Box Security Audit, within a specified time and with a minimum amount of knowledge (or based on test credentials) to discover as much vulnerabilities as possible.

Full Security Audit, based on all functional and technical specifications and designs, source codes and other relevant data, we examine the entire application, including the total environment used to run the application and all its site elements.

Penetration tests (Ethical Hack), exploiting, within a specified time, of a hack to the maximum extent to penetrate into the system. This gives a wealth of information, which make it possible to provide better security.   

The Tible Security Fundamentals scan will give you a complete overview of the security of your website. In addition to a management summary the results of the scan provide a report that gives detailed information by every weakness found, based on the OWASP-10 (Top 10 of Web application vulnerabilities).


Application support

Do you also feel that you have lost the grip on your applications? The rising costs of maintenance, inadequate documentation and application-specific knowledge, parts that do not work properly and increasing technical complexity give quite some stress at many companies.

The satisfaction of Dutch companies who hire application management are on average not satisfied due to the lack of clarity in expectations, the solution rate, transparency and cost control.

Tible may take over your application support and/or the development in such a way that it fits into your organization. By running our (security) scans we will create a sharper understanding of your needs and any necessary improvements that might be required.






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