Hadoop hosting
Hadoop is an open-source software framework of the “The Apache Software Foundation”. By using Hadoop applications you can store and process Peta bytes (1.000 Tera bytes) of unstructured data in a cloud solution on propiatry hardware.

Hadoop is based on Google’s MapReduce and Google File System. This makes it possible to store large data sets into smaller data blocks on a cluster in order to compute parallel. Hadoop uses the HDFS file system for this. HDFS ensures that data is placed on multiple nodes and combines it with high bandwidth on the cluster. This enables companies - which have a very high performance demand - to claw back at multiple scenarios. To be assured that your big data is well-protected you have to choose a hosting platform that meets the highest-safety standards.

What can Tible do for you?
Tible can assist by setting up a hosting environment and Tible offers the possibility to host your web services. Tible has its own hosting platform and our data center meets the highest safety standards in accordance with the requirements of leading European banks. All our servers are located in a secure environment that is protected against dust, humidity, fire and firewater. For more information about hosting, please see our services.


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