Tible develops, implements and supports IT assignments of clients on a project basis. From a simple website to mission-critical applications, completely newly developed or integrated into existing business solutions. If we work for you on a project basis, we determine together in which capacity. We can be your troubleshooter, but also your full service partner. Tible is a team of well-attuned specialists.

Communication lines are short. You always talk to the one you need at that time. Tible can work on any location, client site, supplier site or any site you may require. Tible uses the JIRA issue management system to ensure maximum control of project progress.

Our technological knowledge is not limited to the following items, but it shows an impression of our skills: Windows Software development, Cross Platform Java-based Software development, Webdevelopment on Linux and Windows, Database Management Systems (DBMS) and Mobile development for iOS and Android.


Merijn Boom

Merijn Boom

Born in 1976. BSc in industrial engineering & management and Business Information Systems and trained Certified Application Security Tester. Merijn is a solution maker with its solid foundation in technique with knowledge and experience related to web development, security and hosting. Well informed in environments with a lot of pressure and complexity: frontend and backend, new technologies and legacy, requirements, development, infrastructures and versioning. Is the direct contact for many development issues. Has the technical overview and is primary contact.

Participated and managed large projects that include Nokia Game, Intel EMEA corporate site, Eniro Reklamfabriken, Peugeot Netherlands corporate site and dealer sites, Stichting Retourverpakking Nederland, Enrichment Technologies and Nefli.

In private Merijn can be found underwater, in the kitchen, a restaurant or reading a book on a sunny beach somewhere in Asia with his wife and son.


Dennis Bruin

Digital consultant. Having grown up with gadgets and technology. He knows his ways in the latest digital forms of communication but also knows the power of traditional media. And advises innovative combinations for optimal results. 

Advises and assists clients from digital perspective. Social, web, mobile applications, and (campaign) support are his daily work.

He won with 'Nokia Game' a Cannes LionDirect Award and for 'Volvo Life on Board' campaign a Cannes CyberLion. He grew up with gadgets, technology, knowledge and the early experiences which led him to new communication opportunities in this highly digitalized world.


Dennis Bruin
Chris Middeldorp

Chris Middeldorp

Digital Evangelist rooted in the traditional communication industry. Permanently looking for new technologies that facilitate communication. To claim as much time/attention of target audiences as possible.

End responsible for various editions of Nokia Game, including the one awarded with a Gold Lion. Involved with Nokia 20Lives. End responsible for both national and international clients at amongst others EuroRSCG.

Launched -in the US- the first game app that combined virtual and reality, for Microsoft's Bing for Mobile. Furthermore responsible for the integration of Bing search functionality (US) in sponsored versions of Rovio's top hit Angry Birds, including the supporting YouTube/Facebook campaign.


Ricardo Huigen

Ricardo is project manager at Tible. Ricardo plays an active role in the communication between our clients and Tible's back office managing the timings, progress and budgets.


Ricardo Huigen
Hugo Ploeg

Hugo Ploeg

As DevOps engineer at Tible Hugo concentrates on production systems and plays an active role in the communication between our clients and developers. Furthermore, he is responsible for the management of our external test team and the fulfillment of our support agreements.


Jeffrey Prins

Jeffrey is one of our Lead developers who builds innovative solutions together with his fellow developers.


Jeffrey Prins
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